Our solutions


We provide tailored solutions based on the open-source Odoo (OpenERP) ERP. We have a large experience both for intermediate enterprises and for small companies: running finance to track costs and revenues, manage HR, follow pipeline and planned revenues in the CRM, support operations, accounting and invoicing, stock management, sales & purchase, e-commerce and e-business, and more …

e-commerce & e-business

Get your e-commerce integrated with your ERP. Integration of e-commerce and ERP business processes provides the business owners with a better control of their business and there by getting competitive advantage. The availability of real-time data from the ERP to the web store helps in reducing your cost of operations and improves customer experience.


IT solutions must be deployed on reliable and performing infrastructure. Our infra department and their experienced system engineers put in place open-source solutions in the cloud or on-site. From VOIP, WIFI, storage, email solutions, to ERP and e-commerce solutions.

SME, your growth is the engine of your development

Your goals of increased sales or profitability will be filled only if they have efficient and appropriate tools designed to be your visa in the future.

ITE, your performance is the key to your success

Your goals of internal consistency or of optimization of your results will be achieved only on condition that you put in place the right tools, designed to be in line with your strategy of evolution.

Our services


  • Architecture and strategy of solution and implementation
  • Audit


  • Requirements analysis
  • Process definition
  • Change management
  • Setting Budget


  • Project management
  • Integration and configuration
  • Developments (adaptations, specific dev)
  • Guidance and training


  • Functional support
  • Technical Support
  • Functional and Technical Continuous Improvements
  • Monitoring


  • Private cloud
  • On-site hosting

Our Team Members

Yves Delsart

Yves Delsart

Quality Manager

Yves est un responsable de projet et consultant en management expérimenté, qui dispose de plus de 17 ans d’expérience en Management IT, gestion de projets de transformation, Project/Program management, et business process reengineering, dans des environnements internationaux et multiculturels, tant pour le secteur Public, que privé et les organisations non gouvernementales.

Jacques-Etienne Baudoux

Jacques-Etienne Baudoux

Solution Architect

Jacques-Etienne a plus de 10 ans d’expérience en implémentation de solutions dans divers secteurs et tailles de clients allant de larges groupes internationaux à la petite PME. Capable de comprendre et challenger les besoins, il intervient tant comme analyste que comme tech lead de par sa large connaissance technologique. Les missions qu’il a réalisées sont de l’analyse, l’implementation, l’audit, l’optimisation, le coaching et l’accompagnement, le support et la maintenance.

Sylvain Van Hoof

Sylvain Van Hoof