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The ERP solution we put in place is a packaged solution we have built with our expertise of providing business solutions to our customers. It is built on top of the leading OpenSource ERP software. It contains its standard modules and also our value-added modules as well as trusted community modules. With our experience acquired by integrating ERP solutions for many years, we now own a collection of modules in many area like CRM, accounting, project management, HR, point of sale, e-commerce, logistics, manufacturing… Those modules enhance the ERP by providing additional features and business applications that are more close to business requirements. FR EN

Why an ERP

In front of the imbroglio that represent a company’s data, a clear central information system and panoramic long-term vision should you seem more appropriate than ever in this changing world. QanSEE supports you in analyzing and improving your results and in managing your resources by identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your organization in order to strengthen the first and counter the second through organizational changes necessary to be and stay competitive in a market in constant (r)evolution.


Why Odoo ?

Innovating, scalable, cloud or on-site, social… Discover why choosing odoo…

Hosted for you in the cloud or on-site

You can choose our solutions either hosted for you in our private data center or installed at your premises in your data center.